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And how to remove them!

Downloaded directly from the Akashic Records by Zukeyka Castro

Akashic Records Guide Zuleyka Castro

Zuleyka Castro Akashic Records Guide

We come here to experience the understanding of several Universal Laws. Before we are incarnated we make an agreement to have a “veil” or “filter of perception” as part of the human experience that will influence the way we will perceive certain things. But in the time we are living, we are being given the opportunity to be aware of and remove these veils.
Some people don’t even get to realize this. But when we start being aware of the veils, when we start receiving the codes held in the new information we accept, we start dissolving the veils.

We could receive the energy to be aware and remove the veils in four different forms, through written or spoke information, through experiences, through initiation or directly as energy transmission.
We can also ask our record keepers or our spiritual team to remove these veils for us during an akashic record reading or ask them to help us become aware of them and give us the energy transmission that would be to our highest good at that moment to dissolve them.

When we do this, the result will be felt gradually since the human body would not resist such a radical change of vibration. It could happen over days, weeks, months or years, depending on your level of detachment to the old views needed in order to see the truth.

We could compare this to when we go to the eye doctor and he would make us try a few lenses. He would ask, “Which one can you see better with?” He would change them for you until you pick the one you can see better with. The first day with your new lenses, you could even feel drowsy until you get accustomed to seeing things clearly. Its just the same when we experience the “dropping of the veils”.

Here are just some veils that are affecting humanity right now.


This veil makes us believe that money is only for some people and others are just meant to be poor. It makes us believe that money its not spiritual. That it is dirty, or it changes people, and that if you desire to have an abundant life you are not being “spiritual” enough. The truth is we are all creators of our lives and we have the birth right to live in abundance if we want it. In fact Money is the energy the universe uses to help us achieve our life missions. We just need to set our mind and reprogram ourselves for aligning to receive and accept the energy of money in our lives.


As we drop the Veil of Sexuality we start honoring our sexuality as a source of our spiritual development being aware of our choices in partners and of our true potential as creators. We stop using it to feel accepted or to numb deeper emotional wounds.


This veil makes us give controlling corporations the permission to organize and design our life as community. Even when we know the decisions they are making for us are not for our highest good, and only cause separation with nationalities and ethnicity. When we drop this veil we are more conscious about our interconnectedness and are motivated to find new ways to cohabitate and collaborate as a community. We become aware that we are all brothers and sisters, and that we have the birthright to create our life as we want it. Not as “established”.


The Veil of Religion motivates our spiritual beliefs based on control, martyrdom and fear of being condemned. When we transcend the veil of religion, we come to the understanding that is through the expansion of our heart that we gain true spirituality and that none of these religious conditionings are really necessary in order for us to have a clear and direct connection to Source. When this veil is removed, we understand that heaven is inside of us and that God is not “up there”, but within us. There is no more illusion of separation between Us and the Source, because the Source is inside each one of us.


When we drop this veil we become aware of the fact that we are both feminine and masculine at the same time. And as we realize this and balance these energies within us, we come into an understanding of seeing genders as a complementation of energies and abilities more than competition or separation.


The Veil of Perception of Love makes us resist real love. It makes us think that the other person is the real source of our emotional state, only creating feelings of attachment and constant disappointment. This is only the effect of the veil, when in fact the law of relationship is very similar to the law of reflection and it will gives us a partner that will reflect the way we love ourselves. The source of love in our lives its not another person. It is the way we are able to love ourselves and the way we set healthy boundaries that will make us a magnet for loving and respectful relationships based on respect, acceptance and growth.


This Veil makes us give control to the big “food” corporations to tell us what to feed our magnificent human bodies. We buy without asking whats in the food we are eating. When we drop these veils we become more compassionate with ourselves and will chose nutrition that will benefit not only our bodies but also our spiritual development.


The Veil of Perception of the Planet makes us immune to the damage that we do to the planet and its resources in order to gain false power. When we drop this veil, we are aware that the planet is a living being just as us and we become more aware of our own relationship with her. We become aware that everything we do to her affects us and everything we do to ourselves affects her. We understand that she sacrifices herself in order for us to have a human experience, and therefore we honor her deeply.

What next?

These and many more veils have already been released by some people on the web. We have been seeing how gradually more and more people are becoming aware of these and making big changes in their personal lives and therefore society.
Do you think you still need to work on some of these?
You will be able to recognize what veils you are still working on and will start releasing them as soon as you keep rising your vibration.
You are an unlimited human being. The veils act as a conditioning, but you are now given the opportunity to remove them. We need to remove them in order to integrate our Higher Self into our human body. The integration of our Higher Self is an important step for us to fully experience the true potentiality of living in a human body.
The Lords of the Akasha have released a prayer to ask the veils to be removed in a way that is beneficial and for our highest good.
To do the prayer take a few breaths and bring your attention to your heart center. Create the space for connection with the Higher Power of your inner God/Goddess.

It is my desire now to be completely aligned with my higher self.
I ask for the removal of all the veils or perception filters that I am able to remove, and are to my highest good to remove right now. I ask for the codes and the energy transmissions I need in order to make me aware of all of the veils that are stopping me from making the most of my human experience. I now release these veils and my attachments to my old limiting ways of perception. I allow myself to live free of conditioning and I allow myself to see, feel and walk in truth. I ask my spiritual guide team to protect and hold the space for me to receive this energy transmission. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Wait some time to receive the energy and watch the way this process happens for you. Trust that the way it manifests is perfect for Your process. The transmission can happen immediately, or it can also be that you are guided to certain experiences, reading, conversations etc., in order to expose you to the codes of truth and veil removal. Be attentive on how these things will unfold in front of you. And trust that what comes is for your highest good.

With love,
~ Zuleyka Castro


Joan of Arc in the Akashic Records

Joan of Arc in a Previous Life

by Sylvia Chappell

Sylvia was certified by Maureen St. Germain as an ARI Guide in 2013 and as an instructor for Akashic Records Level 1 in 2016. She is also a certified Past-Life Regressionist and Reiki Master, wonderful adjuncts to her Akashic Records work in helping you to heal past issues that are impacting your present life.

Her readings touch the heart, clarify the soul’s purpose, and often, when directed by your Record Keepers, serve as the conduit for helpful, healing energies from the Record Keepers, Ascended Masters and Archangels themselves. She is often guided to tone healing energies for you. Toning is one of the most powerful healing energies there is because the tones allow your body to resonate to a new vibration, instantaneously changing who you are and who you can become.



The first time Joan of Arc appeared in an Akashic Records reading was for a client who was told by her Record Keepers, through me, that she had been Joan of Arc! Synchronistically, just a few weeks later, another client was told that she had been a nun in a convent near the village where Joan of Arc was born—one of the first to recognize and verify that this simple peasant girl was receiving divine messages. Over the next few months, other clients heard of lifetimes where they were inspired by Joan’s divine revelations in various ways. One woman found out that she still carried the energy of an arrow wound she suffered as a soldier (male) in Joan’s army!

“I’m neither a Catholic nor a historian. What I know about Medieval France and saints wouldn’t fill a thimble. As you can imagine, by this time, even I had a “burning” desire to find out why this saint from history kept turning up in my client sessions in the Akashic Records.”


Meeting Joan for the First Time

It starts with a client I’ll call Paula. During Paula’s session, her Record Keepers told her that I was feeling a weight, a depression, on my heart center, and that this bodily sensation was part of their message to her. The blockage, they said, came from great trauma suffered in her lifetime as Joan of Arc, and it was still there, blocking her from fully expressing her intuitive abilities. So they asked me to “stand in” for Joan and to speak directly to Paula as if I were Joan of Arc.

Joan said that, as she passed into Spirit, she felt that she had accomplished much in freeing her people from “the English overlords.” Yet what was most disheartening for her was that those who turned on her [the Church and these “overlords”] and sentenced her to death had re-established the hierarchy she had sought to dissolve with love. This was carried forward into Paula’s current life, she said, as a reluctance to “go public” with her intuitive abilities, a blockage to becoming too well known or successful in putting out her message. Paula feared that she would suffer again as those who had at first welcomed her message might turn upon her—just as they did to Joan.

Joan Herself Is Healed!

Then, Joan spoke more personally about the sorrows she felt, looking back upon her life—primarily that many who believed in her were persecuted and killed. She asked Paula’s help in releasing that deep sorrow. At times, Joan said, “I felt pride at being the leader and inspiration—that was a sin. I led many astray; I also helped many. My sin [of pride] and being burned was saying that I was misguided.” Instead, she asserted, “I was true to my guidance. I know I was speaking to angels. I cared most about the common people, trying to free them, yet the Lords reasserted control.” As I said this to Paula, I felt a welling up of emotion—what we Guides call “body confirmation” to underscore the truth of their message.

Paula answered her with compassion and forgiveness. Joan’s tone softened and she spoke more lovingly about her life: “I did what I could to the best of my ability. I am grateful for your understanding, compassion and forgiveness. I feel healed… as if a dove is flying from my heart, that had been imprisoned before due to my unforgiveness… my pride.” Yet, as she realized, “it’s more prideful to judge myself. God does not judge us; Jesus does not judge us.”

“You’ve Healed More Than You Know”

Joan continued: “I send to your heart all the gifts and the courage to come forward with them and the certainty that they are from God… and that you can stay in alignment with your purity in all that you do…. I had a healing touch and I give that to you. You had it already. You just didn’t know it. The key to unlocking it is through the compassion in your heart that you’ve shown to me.”

In closing, Joan told Paula that their work had a larger effect: “You have healed more than you know… for us…. and we send out a great gift of healing to all of our other incarnations… to the dolphins and whales who suffer so… to the Earth to aid her suffering… to uplift the consciousness of all. Thank you. Amen.”

Paula and I were both moved to tears by this extraordinary message from this very humble saint! Both of us felt a great shift as sorrow and remorse carried from that lifetime were released, along with fears that Paula carried from that incarnation about being in crowds and putting her intuitive talents out in public. The Record Keepers confirmed this: “As your heart opens more and more, those who can help you most [in getting your message out] will be guided to you.”

A Nun Who Helped a Peasant Girl

Another client had been a nun in a convent near the village where Joan was born—a Mother Superior who was widely respected for her piety. She was one of the first to recognize and verify that this simple peasant girl was receiving divine messages. In Medieval France, it was vital that the Church validate anyone who claimed to receive divine revelations. Her support helped persuade higher Church authorities that Joan spoke the truth.

The reason this client’s lifetime with Joan came up as a challenge now was because, when Joan was on trial and threatened with burning at the stake, this nun who was now elderly wanted desperately to travel to the site of the trial and once more give testimony. She was, however, unable to travel, and felt great remorse that she could not save Joan from her fate. Even though the Record Keepers confirmed her suspicions that the trial was “rigged” by supporters of the English to find Joan guilty, my client still felt great remorse at having failed to save her. I was happy to serve, once again, as the conduit for energies to help my client understand and release self-judgment and guilt brought forward from this past incarnation.


A Soldier Who Fought With Joan of Arc

One other client had served as a loyal soldier in her army. He was a young man of humble origins in that life, as was Joan. He had immediately known that she was divinely inspired. However, he felt that he had made mistakes that put Joan in jeopardy, or failed to save her from being condemned and executed. He admired this humble, courageous peasant girl so greatly that, even though there was no way to save her from this unjust trial, he still carried guilt, remorse and self-condemnation into this lifetime.

This soldier (a woman in this life) carried a wound from those battles—an arrow had pierced the back of her neck where it was blocking and distorting communications from Spirit, as well as her ability to trust her connection to divine guidance. After I did an energy transfer and toning, my client told me that a sensation that something was lodged right in that area—discomfort that she’d lived with for 60 years—was now completely gone!


Why Joan of Arc? Why Me? Why now?

After these appearances by a saint I barely knew over the course of a few months, I started to wonder…. Why Joan? Why me? Why now? So I asked my Akashic Records teacher and ARI founder Maureen St. Germain for her insights. She said that I needed to understand what Joan of Arc had accomplished. She had inspired and led the French people to drive out the English usurper so that the rightful French heir could be crowned. Immediately, it all became clear.

Maureen and I were, at the time, serving on the Board of Trustees of a non-profit holistic organization embroiled in a stressful leadership battle with a former Board Chair. He contested the Board vote that denied him a second term, filing a lawsuit to have the election results overturned. Meanwhile, he was trying to usurp the role of Chair that I had recently been elected to fill. It was very comforting to know that I had a connection to Saint Joan’s courage, just when I needed it most!

Ultimately the Board battle was resolved in favor of the new leadership, with the usurper’s suit dismissed by the judge. Throughout these challenges, our coalition held as our ideal “heart-centered leadership” and sought to embody leadership by the divine feminine… leadership that put understanding, compassion and forgiveness into action for the highest and best good of the organization.


What was My Personal Connection to Joan?

I wondered what my connection to Joan could possibly be?  I decided it was time to ask my Record Keepers. By now, after hearing fascinating stories from people who fought or prayed alongside this heroic martyr, I fully expected to hear that I had played a role in that epic tale. Instead, they said, St. Joan’s guidance came to me in this life because I had served as a spirit guide to her during her incarnation as St. Joan. I hadn’t even incarnated during that lifetime, choosing instead to help her from Spirit!

My Record Keepers advised me to let her courage and wisdom guide me in restoring the crown of sovereignty to those tricked into giving their sovereignty to usurpers! Since then, I have done that in readings for several clients. Their Record Keepers ask me to be the conduit for energies to restore each client’s “sovereign free will” and their birthright to connect directly with their divine guidance… through the crown chakra!

This is the message of the age, right now, for all individuals to ask for courage to face overlords of any kind. The Record Keepers are there to help; you only need to ask for their assistance. Their aid will be transformative and immediate.

It is also useful to understand that much can be accomplished in an Akashic Records Reading that will have profound, domino-like effects in all directions throughout time. The Akashic Records Guides stand ready to help you!




As I was waking up, I heard “We are the Serendipities” Not “A” serendipity.     After taking a huge breath, I said to those that were speaking to me HuH??

Terri Young Akashic Guide

Terri Young

Let me begin with; I love talking about a serendipitous happening, and I love seeing all the steps that it – that wonderful experience- took to get me there. So having a conversation with the Serendipities was a whole new place to be.

I also want to add, that I love the Angels. We have conversations often, especially if I have a problem. We communicate quite often in the dream-time right before sleep and in the wake-time as I am waking. I ask Archangel Michael and his 100% God-light Retune to be with me when I am making decisions and when I am having a hard time just living in this dense world.

So having the Serendipities announce themselves as these ‘BEINGS”   their explanation of themselves was very surprising.   Once I was awake enough to respond, I asked why me?   But the answer I got was to actually see them.   They bounced…A little like small bubbles of champagne.   I felt their presence was so happy and light that all I could do was smile. They promptly responded with more of their bubbly-ness and were extremely happy to let me know also that they loved it when I noticed that they had worked their magic to move things in the right order for – get ready for it – MIRACLES..

Serendipities are the movers and shakers of Miracles.   Haven’t we all experienced having something work out and we were honestly not sure exactly how but IT ALL WORKED OUT. Well they want us to know of their existence and want us to know that they are so happy to work for us. All we have to do is ask.

So, here is how it works. Have you ever said to yourself, “I have to remember — fill in the blank.” And then you find yourself finding something that leads you to opening a cupboard, or opening a door and then You Remembered what it was you needed. These small steps lead you to get what you wanted. Thank the Serendipities

So much fun to be had with them. Life can get easier and easier if you will just let them in.

Say “ Serendipities help me to get all that needs to be done in an easier and simpler way today.” Then disconnect from what you expect. Let them do their Magic…

I guarantee that life will get so sweet…

Next Day… I asked if there was anything else I could add to my blog. Their response was…

We are also beings of light that can push time into a slower or faster speed. We are also able to help with thoughts that do not serve you.   If you are open to hearing as Terri is, then you can change your mind about something that is not working for you.   Change your mind, change your experience.

We are also able to hear your worries and we are able to help with these in small little ways that make your path smoother.

THE Serendipities are with you. “Give us a chance to help”, and we can make MIRACLES.

The following morning, as the post was being prepared, the Serendipities asked that we add this:

Terri is extremely happy to be here having this experience of being an Akashic Record Guide with you. The Angels and the Serendipities are a guiding force for Terri. She has been seeing and feeling the Angles for a long time (over 25 years), and if you can read her blog – now the Serendipities have come on board to add to her already delicious expansive world. Terri invites you to feel the loving and warm presence of the Akashic Records and you too will notice how your life will change.

With delight TERRI

BIO: Terri Young has been a lifelong seeker. Never satisfied to be “like” everyone else,Terri Young there were always more books to read and more to learn.

In the early eighties, Terri and a business partner opened an Angel Figurine store in a tiny village and called it “On the Wings of Angels”. Even though they were miles from anywhere, they were successful.

The Angels have guided her to see “Angel Auras” around people. Would you like to know what your Angel-Wings look like?

Terri’s life has been an interesting journey. In 2011, she re-connected with Maureen St. Germain and that meeting catapulted her into the Akashic Records Reading classes. She is excited about how awesome it feels to capstone a life-long journey with this excellent experience.

Terri has now found a spaciousness and peacefulness in the Records that she has never found before. She would be pleased to help you find your own loving guidance from the Record Keepers.

Terri became a ARI Certified Guide in 2012 and will give readings by Skype or phone. She provides readings from the Milwaukee/Madison, WI area.

The Reading That Changed My Life


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Haseena Patel is an author, speaker and girls’ empowerment coach. Her spiritual journey began with the diagnosis of a fibroadenoma in her breast. During Haseena’s quest for spiritual and emotional healing, this growth she had feared became her greatest blessing and teacher. The search for truth in her own life led to her creating a system of healing for others, helping them to find the truth in their own lives and live by this truth. And so, The Truth-Walker’s Journey was born. Reading the Akashic Records is an extension of that journey for Haseena – it is a part of helping others to live their heart’s truth and find their voices through a Divine Connection, the ultimate Source of Truth.

Being A Guide

The most wonderful part about being an Akashic Records Reader is having those magical moments that not only have a profound impact on your client’s life, but transform your own life in a way that you didn’t anticipate at all. It’s as if the Universe has listened to your prayers and found a way to make them true without having to counter your own resistance or lack of belief.

There was nothing significant about September 7th 2015 other than the fact that I was ready. Ready to listen sans my ego. A few weeks before that, one of my fellow Akashic Records Readers had mentioned that she had been going into the records every day to receive Guidance for her own life. Her success was clearly visible, and I was ready to take a leaf out of her book.

My Experience

I love the process of going into the Records and being enveloped by Divine Love and Wisdom – a feeling like no other. The question I asked was: “What else do I need to know right now at this point in this lifetime?” I prepared for an intense answer, rich with lessons and Divine Wisdom. What I was not prepared for was the thirteen short words that changed my life: “Trust in who you are and you will trust in all that is.”

Even in that moment, I was completely blown away, feeling and seeing myself clearly for the first time through the eyes of Source. The power of my own being almost frightened me.

The significance of any moment or words or action is something that we choose. We choose to heed the call or we decide to keep to the status quo. We choose to hold the feeling in our hearts or we allow ourselves to forget. We give our significant moment purpose in our lives daily, or we decide that it was a once-off experience.


I have made the choice to answer the call to be fully me – a being connected to Divinity. I choose to remember that, even when doubt, fear and ego threaten to distort my picture of myself. It’s not easy, but I received a gift that day in the Records. I feel the gift of that Divine Love every day and for that I am deeply grateful. I believe that the message was not for me alone, and I share it whenever I am called on to do so: Trust in who you are and you will trust in all that is.

The True Nature of Karma


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by Sylvia Chappell

Sylvia Chappell Akashic Records Guide

Akashic Records Guide

Sylvia Chappell – Sylvia left a very successful advertising career to pursue her “soul’s work” as an intuitive healer. At NY’s Edgar Cayce Center, her intuitive gifts blossomed, first as a tarot reader, then as a certified Reiki Master. Creative explorations of past lives for insights to heal the present led her to become a certified Past-Life Regressionist and the catalyst for many remarkable healing transformations.

When I’m doing Akashic Records Readings, most of my clients receive information from their Record Keepers about a previous lifetime that is causing a challenge—whether it’s a physical condition, disease, blockage or fear—in their present life. This information is non-judgmental, loving and supportive… AkashicRecord Keepers are NOT “score keepers” or karmic “enforcers.” Instead, they patiently explain how the nature of karma has changed to be very different from the popular (mis)conception.

In virtually all cases, what we think of as a “karmic” condition is SELF-imposed.Here is how the Record Keepers explain it, compiled from dozens of readings:

From the Record Keepers

From our point of view in the 11th dimension, there are no right or wrong choices,no good or bad, positive or negative. What’s important is the spirit in which the choice is made, and what the person who makes the choice takes away from it.

Often, who you were in that lifetime takes away a sense of guilt, remorse,betrayal, anger, shame–and carries it forward into the present lifetime in the form of a pattern or a belief that could be expressed this way: “Because I did something wrong, because I caused pain or suffering in that lifetime, I deserve to suffer something similar in this life.”

Self Imposed!

Karma today is almost always SELF-imposed! It is you judging yourself to have done something wrong or bad, or to have harmed someone, or failed to save the people you loved—then you decided to carry forward that remorse or guilt or shame or fear to block yourself in this life.

There are no stern Lords of Karma shaking fingers at you and demanding, ‘You must pay because you made a mistake!’ You yourself decided that you feel remorse or guilt or shame or regret about decision that you made. That is what you’re carrying over in this lifetime that’s causing pain, or blocking yourself.

Understanding through others

Why are we telling you about these traumas and heartbreaks? Not because there’s any judgment on our part. It is because we hope you understand that who you were in that lifetime had some very difficult choices to make. Knowing this, you may begin to feel compassion for yourself—as you would if you were reading a story or watching a movie about someone else facing those tough situations.

Once the Record Keepers sense that my client understands this idea—that you can choose to love and forgive yourself in that lifetime—they offer a way to release the self-condemnation and negative emotions brought into this life:

Toning through Sylvia

And now, if we have your permission, we would like to offer through Sylvia an energy transfer and sound healing that would be beneficial in helping you, if you so choose, to release, to heal the guilt, the shame, or the remorse.

You might even think of the person that you were in that lifetime as if they’re standing here in front of you… hoping, waiting, yearning to feel your compassion and your forgiveness. This allows them to release the self-condemnation and transform how they feel about themselves and their choices. You bring into their life compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude—and since you are one soul experiencing different lifetimes, you bring it into yours, too.

Healing the past is possible

If there’s another person involved in that past life trauma who is in my client’s current life, the Record Keepers also offer the energy transfer/toning, and invite the client to participate by directing the healing, forgiving, clearing energies to the person they were in that lifetime… and, if they choose, to the other person who was part of the challenging situation. Many clients are very grateful to do this because they’re in a space where they are ready to let go of the belief that they need to suffer. Feeling compassion and forgiveness for the other person also helps them release negative “residue” from the past.

Once we know the true nature of our “karma,” we can heal past issues and be free going forward of those negative emotions. The shifts that happen as a result of my Akashic Records sessions are often profound and dramatic. Clients look forward to making compassionate, enlightened choices in the future.

Uncovering Unexpected Information


Unexpected Scary Vision

Several years ago, my husband, a physicist and fire science investigator, was involved in a fire case that happened aboard a freighter on the Atlantic Ocean. He’d travel overseas several times where the ship was docked. His job was to determine the cause of the fire. A month or so into this project I started having visions of him being hit, from behind, by a steel beam. It felt deliberate and fatal. I was able to determine the location. It was definitely happening overseas. I was even able to pinpoint the timeline – some four months in the future. I was unsure of what to do with this information. I usually check in with my Higher Self – on whether to even work with this type of insight. I want to be checking in to be certain that alerting someone to this sort of thing is appropriate. What were the implications?

Maureen St Germain

Founder of Akashic Records Guides, Maureen St. Germain—lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years. Widely known for her best-seller, Beyond the Flower of Life she has been sharing knowledge she has gained from her years of teaching meditation and research on ancient truths. Labeled a modern day mystic in Famous Wisconsin Mystics, Maureen is an international transformational teacher, author and Akashic Records Guide. Insightful, compassionate, entertaining and funny her primary focus is developing tools to support individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening through Trainings, Akashic Records, Sacred Journeys, guided meditation CDs, AroMandalas® essential oils aromatherapy and books.


Finally I confided in a staff member, who often received ‘advance warnings’ on my behalf. We were both stunned to discover that she was getting similar information. I had been ready to approach my husband for a while, but this added some urgency! I asked him if he had ‘checked in with his Higher Self’ about his returning to the ship. He caught me completely by surprise with his answer and said, “If you tell me there is some reason to not go back, like I was in jeopardy, then I would not return.” I told him of my visions. He asked me to open the Akashic Records for him. I was willing to do this. What happened next surprised both of us.

What would you ask?

I was expecting him to raise questions like is this real, is my life in jeopardy, is this future changeable? Once in the Akashic Records, his first question was, “What caused the fire?” Up until now, he had not talked about his investigation – and I really knew nothing about the fire. Honestly, I thought he would be seeking personal information about himself and his life – and didn’t expect or anticipate the question. The record keepers through me responded clearly and quickly, “There were two fires, and were set to cover-up a couple of murders.” Not expecting that, I stopped, pulled back from the energy of the Akashics, and said to my husband, “That’s very odd, since no one died in this fire!” My husband grimly looked at me and said, “Actually 3 people died in the fire.” The record keepers continued with the explanation – that one fire was a ‘smoke screen’ and set to cause a lot of smoke and confusion while the other one was set – to cause damage and eject one of the bodies. There was more to the gruesome story – as it related to a mob type incident and cover-up.

Another Akashic Guide

We were in the Akashic Records several weeks later with one of the Certified Akashic Records Guides asking for more information on this subject and were told by the Record Keepers we could clear the assassin (of a dark entity that made him so skillful) and this action would change the reality dramatically, because this (discarnate) entity was the source of the assassin’s accuracy. We did our part – and cleared the unknown individual. We were told later (through our clearing team[1]) that it had a ripple effect on all their operations and that they had more problems, which would nullify his ability to do a ‘job’ that involved any target.

The Coast is Clear

I checked in (with my Higher Self) and it was ok for my husband to return a few more times to the ship – but one month before the critical time, my husband, still with no scientific evidence for the cause of the fire, reported to the attorney in charge of the investigation for the company being accused of a faulty chemical container that his wife, a psychic, had reported the above story to him!

You reported this to the Client? OMG!

A few days later, I questioned my husband submitting that information. For years, my first husband had labeled me a flake and I was credulous that my current, physicist, expert witness husband was quoting our Akashic Records session to the lawyers that had hired him! He reminded me that in the world of investigation, especially when natural causes are missing, a psychic’s information may be used to help clear up a case.

[1] Clearing Team can be found at:

Akashic Records on a Crematorium


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by Michele Molloy

Michelle Molloy - Akashic Records Guide

She is an empath and often feels the body sensation or emotional nuance of the question, confirming the connection with your Records. Often, the movement of this energy is also felt by the one whose records are open, bringing a sense of relief or shift in one’s perspective. She considers it an honor to open The Akashic Records and is grateful to those who trust her to do so for them.

Michele Molloy – Akashic Records Guide

I’m an Akashic Records Guide. I’m also a designer of spaces. My purpose was investigative – I wasn’t expecting what happened to me, while I toured a crematorium with a group of business colleagues. Much to my surprise, I sensed the presence of someone feeling very sad and alone.

The process in a Crematorium

The tour guide graciously brought us into the crematorium to explain, in factual detail, the process. The attendant was working, observing the control panel from his office and periodically stepping into the large room where the cremation chamber is housed, to routinely check on the process. In his very methodical manner with his white lab coat attire, he stepped forward to answer our questions. It came time to clean the chamber and prepare for the next cremation which he described scientifically. Respectfully, he told us in advance of the next opening of the chamber, and what (body) remains we would see and gave us a moment to step out of the room if we wanted to do so. I stayed and observed.

Freezer to Fire

The next step, he explained, was to bring the next body from the freezer to the chamber. Again, he paused to let those people on the tour leave if they wanted to. Again, I stayed, feeling a sense of reverence for the event, but also feeling that this was a very private and personal process.

He then opened the large room-sized freezer and brought out the next body to be cremated. At that very moment, I knew that the person whose body it belonged to was still hanging around in spirit, and observing the process with us. I was struck by her profound sadness and loneliness. I felt I was now witness to a deeply personal human experience so much so that I had somehow invaded someone’s privacy. I called on ArchAngel Michael and guides to assist this being at this time. I was so overwhelmed by this experience that I stepped out to the observation room where I could see the process but the view into the cremation chamber itself was obscured.

The technician seemed to me to be very accurate and methodical, yet overlaid with a deep respect for the process he performed, repeatedly, daily, on and on. I wondered how does he do this and not get careless or apathetic over time?I brought this question before the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides. Their answer was very reassuring.

The Record Keepers explained “that a ritual of burial is essential to assist the being to let go of the body.” The ritual of burial they referred to was the living humans ritual of prayers or chants or singing intended to assist the one who has passed away to find peace and continue on his or her journey in the afterlife. The crematorium had a large space in front of the chamber where people often do gather to pay their respects and observe the cremation of a loved one. On this day I had witnessed this deceased person who was alone, without the presences of a family or ritual at the time of cremation.

I asked the Record Keepers, “How does the cremation attendant serve the needs of the beings whose bodies he puts so reverently in the cremation chamber?” I was instantly shown a hologram of the process. He was surrounded by angels very closely, compacted behind him. They were moving his arms with his permission and his agreement to be of service in the moment of transition for each being. The instant the flame envelops the physical body, the spirit being ‘lets go’ very rapidly – instantaneously – so the angels are there to assist, just as they are there at the moment of physical death, after the being is “pushed out” of the physical body. This cremation moment is the surgical severance of the cord, and force is felt by the being as if they were shot out into the vacuum of space. The Record Keepers showed me that the humans who pray, sing or chant at this moment assist the “birth” just as midwives assist the baby “coming down the chute” to take their first breath. It is this human ritual that “lubricates” the quick transition and acts as an anesthesia for the emotional body to let go without distress.

Never alone

I left the crematorium with a deep sense for respect for the technician with his angels and with a sense of gratitude to the deceased being who let herself be known to me even in her private sadness. The Record Keepers assured me that there are Beings who attend each and every human juncture at the time of severance of the cord, and that no human is truly alone at this transition.

Release of the Cord

I was also deeply impressed by the Record Keepers explanation for the benefit of the human ritual to honor this transition of the severance of the cord, which may not always occur at the time of physical death. The Record Keepers explain, “Because this ritual affirms the continuity of the spirit on his or her journey which is based on their soul’s purpose, while it also connects the surviving humans more closely to their own life’s purpose. The whole process is very multi-dimensional.” I am honored to have witnessed it.